Turn your Slack messages into ClickUp tasks

Quickly add emoji reactions to turn important messages into actionable To-Dos and save them in ClickUp (Notion coming soon!)

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Why save messages?

Avoid getting overwhelmed by Slack's stream of messages.
When dealing with constant new messages ask the following:

Can I reply to this right now? If the answer is No, then save it as a task.

Does this message has an ask for me? If Yes, it demands your attention and thus save it as a task.

Is this message not urgent but requires a reply from? If Yes, save it as a task!

How SavedTask Works!

Example: App configuration process.

Connect your ClickUp account

Let Saved Task connect to your ClickUp To-do list

Simply react to messages with emojis

Use the ⏱️ emoji or configure your own and simply add an emoji reaction to important messages you want to save!

Example: How app works.
Example: Chat GPT integration.

Assign titles to tasks automatically with Chat-GPT

Saved Task uses ChatGPT to turn important messages and threads into actionable tasks

Integrate with

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Brand logo: Notion
Coming soon

Productive Users!

Read what Saved Task users have to says
“After not being able to keep up with the stream of messages and requests in our Slack, I built the first version of SavedTask over a weekend.

It has since then become one of my power tools to stay on top of work at Meaningful"
Alberto Sadde
Cofounder @ Meaningful
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Custom emojis for task priorities
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